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Sirius Canis





Human (Cursed)


October 19





Blood Type



Mage, Meister


Air, Darkness

Professional Status


Golden Dawn Academy

Previous Affiliation

Canis Nebula



Personal Status




Procyon Canis (Adoptive Brother)

Sirius Canis, commonly known as Canis is the main protagonist of Shaman Chronicles. Born as a Cursed, Canis is of a select few of the Cursed in the world to manifest the powers of their curse.


Canis has blue eyes and black hair framing both sides of his face. During his Nebula days, he wore a black and white stripped tunic and black pants. In Golden Dawn Academy, he wears the standard male uniform, a tan suit over a white dress shirt and dark blue dress pants, along with a dark blue tie loose around his neck. Canis wears purple prayer beads around his wrist which acts as an inhibitor to suppress his curse.


Canis is normally timid, helpful and polite. Due to his long time childhood experience at the Canis Nebula, he is initially portrayed as very reserved and mildly repressive. However, after facing with Nova during the Nebula Arc and attending Golden Dawn Academy, he's gradually become more confident, daring, and expressive.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Curse Edit

Canis possesses a shadow-like claw that he can materialize from his left hand and contract it back to his body freely. Canis can use the shadow-like claw for a number of purposes, such as attack, defense and support. This shadow-like claw has shown to be sentient. Because Canis' negative emotions can influence his dark soul, it may intensify his claw making it more unruly and possibly making it stronger as a result, albeit at the cost of Canis losing control. Canis has lost control over his anger, causing him to almost transform into a yokai.

Medium Edit

After Canis tapped into his bright soul, he exhibited the skills of a Mage with a natural affinity for air, which he improved from Kazuma Keiyo to effectively produce better spells and power. During the Great Sage Festival Arc, Canis discovers his compatibility to Meister mediumship via staff after realizing he possessed high reserves of mana, requiring him to learn another mediumship to control his mana properly.

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