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Long ago, an evil spirit, known as the Zatelek attacked the world of Eden, ravaging continents and killing many people. In response, the leader of the shaman-the Great Sage-sacrificed his life while confronting it. However, out of his death came two things: the death of the Zatelek and the creation of a new continent, New Eden. Here the Golden Dawn academy and headquarters were set up by the new Sage in honor of the last sage, and an Urban Paradise was built.

Now, seventy years afterwards, the story follows Tsuya Keiyo, a young Shaman yet to realize his powers in a world plagued by evil spirits. He enrolls in Golden Dawn Academy, founded for those like himself, to discover himself in a whole new way. Creating rivals, friends, and enemies alike, Tsuya gets himself more and more deeper into the mystery of his family line, the ravaging underworld of the Yomi, the place which all Yokai and rouge shamans reside and constantly rival each other to be the ruler of Yomi, and will uncover a mystery that shakes the Shaman world to its core, spreading across the five continents: The Tundra, The Desert, The Mountains, The Forest and New Eden

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