Golden Dawn Academy is a shaman boarding school teaching the shamanic arts, located in New Eden. Golden Dawn Academy is considered to be one of the finest institutions in the Shaman world.

The academy is run by Passaro Felis, a chief councilman, as a training facility for future shamans. Felis created the school as an organization that protects peace and to purify Yokai; saving the souls bound within them.

The School Ground Wards

The Headmaster's Ward

The Headmaster's Ward is the tower in the center of the Golden Dawn Academy campus. The tower features five levels. 

Ground Level

This level contains 4 rooms. The center round room which has the large spiral central staircase that leads up to the top floor. The other rooms surround this room in sections of three.

The first room, to the left of the main entrance, is the Secretary's office. Most communications for the school, including transcripts, data, enrollment, student punishment, student detention, forms, and administrator files and keys, are handled here. The secretary for the academy is Lia Pazitei. (See Characters, Shaman, Lia Pazitei - for more information on the secretat.) The Secretary is also the personal assistant of the Headmaster.

The second room, to the right of the main entrance, is the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer handles all monetary transactions, files, budget, and payroll to all staff within the Academy. The Treasurer for the academy is Shawn White. (See Characters, Shaman, Shawn White - for more details on the Treasurer.) He, with the Headmaster's guidance and sometimes orders, handles all of the school's and headmaster's monetary needs. He guards the Treasury, on Level A. Above his desk on the celling is a small passage to get to the Treasury. 

The third room, on the opposite side of the room from the main entrance is the Security Room. Here, is the central camera room for the Academy's campus, as well as the Security desk. All records of all the tapes, arrests, disciplinary action, and personal files are kept here. The Cheif of Security is Freya White, Shawn's cousin. (See Characters, Shaman, Freya White - for more details on the Chief.) She is also the boss of the Nobumaru siblings (Security and Maintence), aside from the Headmaster.

(Nota Bene:)

Each of the Officers protect the Tower in times when the Academy is under attack or under lockdown. 

Level A

This level is spit in half. On one half, is the Treasury Room. This contains 3 large vaults, which each has yet another vault inside of it. Within this second vault, each contains currency. The first, and pink vault, contains the Headmaster's personal money. The second, and dark blue vault contains the Academy's budget. The third, and final contains New Eden City's Council budget. 

The other half of this level is the Headmaster's Office. In his office contains: a large desk and sofa in place of a chair, two other sofas across from the headmaster's desk, 12 tall bookshelves 4 floor lamps , and one table lamp. Each lamp is lit with a different type of flame. The lamp on the headmaster's desk is a Red Flame lit lamp. The lamp by the entrance of the office is a White Flame lit lamp, so that any yokai that happen to get past the officers downstairs will be immediaetly detected and burned. The lamp by the opposing sofas is a Green Flame lit lamp, so that those of the Green Flame and of the council may see him whenever they wish under dire circumstances. The lamp at the western edge of the office is Yellow Flame lit, for healing purposes. The last lamp, in the eastern edge of the office is a Red Flame lit lamp. Aside from that, the office is very well - and sometimes oddly on particular days- decorated. 

Level B

Level B and Level C are both levels of the Headmaster's Quarters/ the Headmaster's Home. On this level contains the restroom, living room, kitchen, dining and study areas.

Level C

Level B and Level C are both levels of the Headmaster's Quarters. On this floor is the Headmaster's bedroom, private study room, a secondary restroom, and a tea room.

Level Bell

This level is the very top level. The spiral staircase stops here. This floor is also the Bell Tower level. Attatched to the top of the ceiling is a large Bronze Bell, which the headmaster rings every morning at dawn, and he rings it again at sundown. This floor has no walls, It has 12 pillars which hold up the ceiling and the bell. In the center of the level is a large sundial. This sundial also acts as a teleporter medium to whichever other dial is in the direction that the dial's shadow is pointing at (only available to Green Flame users, Reapers, and Council Members - the council members are given a ring which contains a green-flame flower, so that they can activate the sundials). 

Librarian Ward

Cafeteria Ward

Headmaster Ward

Field Ward

Gymatorium Ward,

Artic Ward

Equatorial Ward

Academy Curriculum 

The Academy's curriculum is taught for four years. In Golden Dawn Academy, there are three types of courses: basic studies, elemental studies, and medium studies. 


Key: (b)=basic class, (e)= elemental class, (m)=medium class

1) Yokai Training(b) ,

2) Spiritual Defense(b),

3) Sutras and Mantras(b),

4) Geography(b),

5) Water:Ice(e),

6) Water:Herbs(e),

7) Water:Healing(e),

8) Water: Distortion(e),

9) Water: Rare(e),

10) Fire:Red(e),

11) Fire:Yellow(e),

12) Fire:White(e),

13) Fire:Rare(e),

14) Earth:Solid(e),

15) Earth:Swamp(e)

16) Earth:Arid(e),

17) Earth:Volcanic(e),

18) Air: Wind and Flight(e),

19) Air: Pressure and Laceration(e),

20) Air: Weatheria(e),

21) Air: Telepathy(e),

22) Animism:1(m),

23) Animism:2(m),

24) Meister: Arena(m),

25) Meister: Weapon Basics(m),

26) Warrior:1(m),

27) Warrior:2(m),

28) Mage: Arcane(m),

29) Mage: Point Control(m),

30) Tactics (b),

31) Multi-Elemental (a class of its own - a class taken by few students) - (e)

To graduate, a student must have successfully completed all 5 Basic classes, 2 Medium classes, and 2 Elemental Classes at the minimum. If a student is capable of completing more than that, they may choose to take the course or not.?

[For a student to fail a class, they must go into the Remedial Program, and re-take the class, or take the class with a different instructor after regular classes. This program also serves as the after school detention ? program.]

For example:


Student ID: 0098731

Name: Rei Ayanaoi

Gender: Female

Medium: Warrior

Element(s): Water, Air

Needed Courses to Pass: 1, 2, 3, 4, 30, 26, 27.

? *Choose at least two of the following: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 18, 19, 20, 21


Let's say Rei completes all of the needed classes. Now, she must choose her classes needed for elemental training. She has two elements, which is why she has so many classes to choose from. She must pick at least two, but she can take more classes should she wish to. Rei decides to select classes 6, 7, and 20. She has a gentle nature, which is why she chooses classes 6: Herbs, and 7:Healing. She knows she would be best at the class 20:Weatheria, because air-elemental shamans with the water element are stronger at this ability, so she decides to take this course.

Academy Staff

(See Characters for more information on the staff members)

Key: [Staff Name] - [Course Name/Other Occupation]

Yosvk Barter - Geography, Tactics, Remedial Program Instructor

Leo Armatis - Spiritual Defense, Sutras and Mantras?

Haru Kiyote - Water: Ice, Water: Distortion

Lindsey Hart - Water: Herbs

Maude Frank - Water: Healing

Harry Lonslaut - Animisim 1, Water: Rare

Kazuma Keiyo - Animism 2, Yokai Training

Marlin Dobbs - Meister: Arena, Fire:Red

Jordan Michaelis - Fire: Yellow

Nimisha Bousa'id - Fire: White, Air: Wind and Flight, Multi-Elemental

"Vile" Rose Bowin - Earth: Swamp, Mage: Poinnt Control

Lily Orcus - Earth: Solid, Earth: Arid

Richie Fraus - Warrior 1, Air: Pressure and Laceration

Rob Crowley - Earth: Volcanic, Fire: Rare, Warrior: 2

Gorge Green -Meister: Weapon Basics

Ming Xio Lin - Mage: Arcane, Air: Weatheria, Air: Telepathy

Headmaster Felis - Headmaster + Council Head

Shiro Nobumaru - Maintenece and Secretary Defence of the Academy

Haruka Nobumaru - Maintenence and Secretary Defense of the Academy

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