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[[Category:Headmaster's Ward]]
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[[Category:Dormitory Ward]]
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Golden Dawn Academy is the school for Shamans located on the middle world continent, New Eden. Headmaster: Felis (See Characters)

The School Ground Wards

(See further down section below for details on the Wards.)

Field Ward,'Gymatorium Ward,

Artic Ward,'Equatorial Ward,

Dormitory Ward,'Librarian Ward,

Cafeteria Ward,'Headmaster Ward.


Key: (b)=basic class, (e)= elemental class, (m)=medium class

1) Yokai Training(b) ,

2) Spiritual Defense(b),

3) Sutras and Mantras(b),

4) Geography(b),

5) Water:Ice(e),

6) Water:Herbs(e),

7) Water:Healing(e),

8) Water: Distortion(e),

9) Water: Rare(e),

10) Fire:Red(e),

11) Fire:Yellow(e),

12) Fire:White(e),

13) Fire:Rare(e),

14) Earth:Solid(e),

15) Earth:Swamp(e)

16) Earth:Arid(e),

17) Earth:Volcanic(e),

18) Air: Wind and Flight(e),

19) Air: Pressure and Laceration(e),

20) Air: Weatheria(e),

21) Air: Telepathy(e),

22) Animism:1(m),

23) Animism:2(m),

24) Meister: Arena(m),

25) Meister: Weapon Basics(m),

26) Warrior:1(m),

27) Warrior:2(m),

28) Mage: Arcane(m),

29) Mage: Point Control(m),

30) Tactics (b),

31) Multi-Elemental (a class of its own - a class taken by few students) - (e)

To graduate, a student must have successfully completed all 5 Basic classes, 2 Medium classes, and 2 Elemental Classes at the minimum. If a student is capable of completing more than that, they may choose to take the course or not.?

[For a student to fail a class, they must go into the Remedial Program, and re-take the class, or take the class with a different instructor after regular classes. This program also serves as the after school detention ? program.]

For example:


Student ID: 0098731

Name: Rei Ayanaoi

Gender: Female

Medium: Warrior

Element(s): Water, Air

Needed Courses to Pass: 1, 2, 3, 4, 30, 26, 27.

? *Choose at least two of the following: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 18, 19, 20, 21


Let's say Rei completes all of the needed classes. Now, she must choose her classes needed for elemental training. She has two elements, which is why she has so many classes to choose from. She must pick at least two, but she can take more classes should she wish to. Rei decides to select classes 6, 7, and 20. She has a gentle nature, which is why she chooses classes 6: Herbs, and 7:Healing. She knows she would be best at the class 20:Weatheria, because air-elemental shamans with the water element are stronger at this ability, so she decides to take this course.


(See Characters for more information on the staff members)

Key: [Staff Name] - [Course Name/Other Occupation]

Yosvk Barter - Geography, Tactics, Remedial Program Instructor

Leo Armatis - Spiritual Defense, Sutras and Mantras?

Haru Kiyote - Water: Ice, Water: Distortion

Lindsey Hart - Water: Herbs

Maude Frank - Water: Healing

Harry Lonslaut - Animisim 1, Water: Rare

Kazuma Keiyo - Animism 2, Yokai Training

Marlin Dobbs - Meister: Arena, Fire:Red

Jordan Michaelis - Fire: Yellow

Nimisha Bousa'id - Fire: White, Air: Wind and Flight, Multi-Elemental

"Vile" Rose Bowin - Earth: Swamp, Mage: Poinnt Control

Lily Orcus - Earth: Solid, Earth: Arid

Richie Fraus - Warrior 1, Air: Pressure and Laceration

Rob Crowley - Earth: Volcanic, Fire: Rare, Warrior: 2

Gorge Green -Meister: Weapon Basics

Ming Xio Lin - Mage: Arcane, Air: Weatheria, Air: Telepathy

Headmaster Felis - Headmaster + Council Head

Shiro Nobumaru - Maintenece and Secretary Defence of the Academy

Haruka Nobumaru - Maintenence and Secretary Defense of the Academy

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