Below is a list of all the characters that appear in the Shaman Chronicles universe.

New Eden CityEdit

Golden Dawn Academy? Students

Tsuyskeiyo Kennabari Dianamoon
Tsuya Keiyō Ken Nabari Diana di Cielo
Golden Dawn Academy Staff
Yosvk Barter Leo Armatis Haru Kiyote

Maude Frank

Lindsey Hart Maude Frank Harry Lonslaut
Kazuma Keiyo Maylin Hei Jordan Michaelis
Vile Rose Bowin cu

'Vile' Rose Bowin - teacher of Earth:Swamp and Mage: Point Control

Lily Orcus1

Lily Orcus - Earth: Solid, Earth:Arid teacher.

Nimisha Merchant "Vile" Rose Bowin Lily Orcus
Richie Fraus Rob Crowley Gorge Green

Maintenance and Security - Shiro Nobuyama

Ming Xio Lin Headmaster Felis Shiro Nobumaru
Shawn White Freya White Haruka Nobumaru
Lia Pazitei
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