On-Campus Library The Library has a total of 7 floors, but 8 sectors.  At ground level, and up, we have the first 4 floors, and the attic(level 5). From below the first floor, we have levels 0A, and 0B (Zero A, Zero B), which are levels 6 and 7. And finally, we have the abandoned well which serves as a hidden passageway and a confinement for precious items, which is the "8th floor", but is rather a sector more than a floor, and is named "0C".  Starting from the top of the building, and working our way down, and back up, i'll start with the attic.

Level 5(Attic):  This floor is only accessible from the rooftops by hatch-windows. This floor contains Restricted documents such as Catalogs, and Old Documents not available to the public and most students. 

Level 4:  This floor is accessible by the indoor stairway, and also by the outdoor emergency ladder system. This floor contains information on the Disciplines and Mediums (Animism Style, Mage Style, Warrior Style, Meister Style). 

Level 3:  This floor is accessible by the indoor stairway, and also by the outdoor emergency ladder system. This floor contains information on the elements and their various styles. This floor also holds the Digital Section. 

Level 2:  This floor is accessible by the indoor stairway, and also by the outdoor emergency ladder system. This floor contains information on historical events, people, places, etc. This floor also holds the Entertainment section, and the restrooms. 

Level 1 (ground level) :  This floor is accessible by the front entrance and the lower floors' hidden stairway. This floor holds the Library Offices, the Help-Desk, Check-out, and the academy campus' supply store. 

Level 0A (below ground level) :  This floor is accessible by the hidden staircase, and the level 0B's hidden latch stairway. This floor contains the Restricted Section of the library, and potentially dangerous items. 

Level 0B (Below ground level) :  This floor is accessible by the hidden latch stairway, and the secret passage through 0C. This floor contains Rare and Ancient Tomes not accessible to the public, and very dangerous items which must be locked away. 

Level 0C: This is accessible through the abandoned and dry well opening, and Level 0B's Cellar 4 (C4). This sector seems empty, however, two small prison-like rooms are built in the sides of the well, and contain Cellars 5 and 6. 

Area Details

The Emergency Ladder System is simply a series of ladders which connect from one floor's balcony to another's until the first floor. There are two balconies on floors five, four, three, and two. A balcony is built at each end of the floor. To the right side of each balcony are the ladders which connect to the floor below's balcony. 

The Digital Section is a section of the library which holds computers available to the public, and also holds the videos and music records of the library which are open to the public. If a person has a library card, they may rent a laptop, a camera, video, or music record available in the section. 

The entertainment section holds leisure books, such as novels, magazines and newspapers, and comics. 

The School Campus Supply store is a part of the library which sells textbooks, paper, writing utensils, art mediums, and other things a student at the academy may need for classes. 

The Underground Restricted Section contains documents which are not available to the public for their safety, or items which are not suited for most of the general public to read/see. It also contains potentially dangerous items which need locking up. These items are kept in several safes on this level. 

Level 0B is a rather complicated floor.  It has the overall height of two floors combined, yet has so many rooms that you may lose yourself in there.  When entering the floor from the hatch on level 0A, there is a somewhat-steep stairway down. In front of the stairway is also a bookshelf which is accessible at the bottom of the stairs and is in-cased in metal, and layered with a Kekkai. To reach the top of this bookshelf, there is a ladder on wheels which can help.  Going around the corner of the stairway, we find ourselves with shorter bookshelves similar to the one before, along the walls. Not too far ahead is another staircase, but much shorter. Here, are more bookshelves, but taller than the ones in the previous room, and are sided by each other. There is a ladder up at the very end of the room, straight ahead. At the top of this ladder is a small, but long space a top of the room, but still below level 0A. This area contains 5 large trunks which hold rare and dangerous items. Going back down the ladder to the previous room, there are also the first three cellars. Behind the short staircase is cellar 1(C1). This contains a single vault. Going past the vault, is another short staircase. going down the short staircase, and turning around the corner, is another, single vault, which makes the room seem small, although the vault itself is rather long. This room is Cellar 2(C2). Within this vault are two other vaults. Going back up the stairs to the the room with the many bookshelves, there is a hidden latch which drops down below into Cellar 3(C3). This room is where a heavily guarded vault lies, and within it is a dangerous creature which only the Headmaster and the Head Librarian know about.  Going back up into the main room again, we go back towards the ladder, but go past it a bit, to enter the trap-filled Cellar 4(C4), which is also the room which connects sector 0C to 0B. 

Level 0C :  Entering from the top of the well, there is an iron ladder going down. However, is protected by 4 strong Kekkai layers. When getting past those layers, there's a very long way down. eventually, about 3/4 down the old well, are two prison-like rooms, which are dug-in, and fairly deep, but short, and are directly across from each other. These two rooms are cellars 5 and 6. The cellar which is held above C4 is Cellar 5(C5). The cellar opposed to it, and is below no room, is Cellar 6(C6).  Cellar 5 contains Dragon Eggs which are sealed from hatching. When the seal is burned off, the dragon will hatch. (need a story for those eggs.)  Cellar 6 contains paintings which imprisons the souls of wanted criminals throughout the years.  These two cellars are guarded by the Faithful Yokai of the Council. 

Accessibility of the levels and Library Cards. 

Library Cards: 

Delta Card : Available to the public and all students 

Theta Card : Available to Academy Officials 

Alpha Card : Available to selected Academy Officials and the Council Members. Note: The ONLY Prefect allowed with this card is the Library Prefect. Academy Officials: Headmaster, Staff Members, Prefects, and Special Students.

Level Access : 

Levels 1-4 - Those which possess the Delta Card, Theta Card, or Alpha Card may enter these levels.  Levels 5 - 0A - Those which possess the Theta Card or the Alpha Card may enter these levels.  Levels 5 - 0C - Those which possess the Alpha Card only may access all of the levels of the library.

The Library Prefect is the only Prefect, and one of the only few students who know of all the levels. The Library Prefect himself/herself does not know what is contained in levels 0B and 0C, however, s/he has access to these levels as it is their job to protect the Library. S/he is the ONLY student which has official permission to access the whole of the library.


Each Level has a Librarian. Each Librarian knows where everything on their level is, and knows most, if not all the material which is on their level. Each Librarian has a guardian avian animal. 

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