The Headmaster's Ward == The Headmaster's Ward is the tower in the center of the Golden Dawn Academy campus. The tower features five levels. 

Ground Level

This level contains 4 rooms. The center round room which has the large round central staircase that leads up to the top floor. The other rooms surround this room in sections of three.

The first room, to the left of the main entrance, is the Secretary's office. Most communications for the school, including transcripts, data, enrollment, student punishment, student detention, forms, and administrator files and keys, are handled here. The secretary for the academy is Lia Pazitei. (See Characters, Shaman, Lia Pazitei - for more information on the secretat.) The Secretary is also the personal assistant of the Headmaster.

The second room, to the right of the main entrance, is the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer handles all monetary transactions, files, budget, and payroll to all staff within the Academy. The Treasurer for the academy is Shawn White. (See Characters, Shaman, Shawn White - for more details on the Treasurer.) He, with the Headmaster's guidance and sometimes orders, handles all of the school's and headmaster's monetary needs. He guards the Treasury, on level two. Above his desk on the celling is a small passage to get to the Treasury. 

The third room, on the opposite side of the room from the main entrance is the Security Room. Here, is the central camera room for the Academy's campus, as well as the Security desk. All records of all the tapes, arrests, disciplinary action, and personal files are kept here. The Cheif of Security is Freya White, Shawn's cousin. (See Characters, Shaman, Freya White - for more details on the Chief.) She is also the boss of the Nobumaru siblings, aside from the Headmaster.

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