Cafeterian Ward

The Cafeteria Ward is the ward of which all Academy staff , students, and public visitors go to eat.

The area contains a two-storied building with a cellar, and an outdoor dining hall.

First Floor

This floor contains the kitchen, reception, indoor stairs, and waiting area. 

The kitchen is composed of 5 idle chef stations. Each of these stations belongs to a specific chef. (Scroll down to Cafeteria Staff for more info) Through the kitchen, in the back, there are two doors. The left leads outside, and the right leads downstairs to the cellar basement. In the cellar-basement are most foods, recipies, and cookbooks. 

Second Floor 

This floor contains the restrooms, an indoor dining area which seats up to 50 people, and an elegant french-designed balcony which seats up to 30 people. The balcony is set up to face the rose garden of the campus, to give a warm and cozy effect.

Ground Level - Outside

Outside, through the back of the kitchen is the Grand Outdoor Dining Hall which seats up to 300 people. In times of harsh weather, or lockdown/attack , the awning above the dining tables will tract thick, steel charmed walls into the ground, creating  a heavy fortress with only one exit, which is locked. To unlock it, those who have the elemental password may open it. There is a seperate elemental password to undo the charm on the awning, which is given only to the Officials of the Academy and the Head Chef. 

Le Cafeteria's Menu

The cafeteria serves as a bakery and a tradtional cafe. It serves all sorts of hot drinks and smoothies for drinks. As for it's food, many breads, pastries, sweets, fruits, hotcakes and sandwiches are served.

Le Cafe is known for two unique aspects. One, is that it is amongst one of the few cafes which  has all fruits from around the world, as they are inported to the center continent of which Le Cafe is on. The second, is that  it serves a unique dessert called Candy Mountain. As the name suggests, Candy Mountain is a platter of selected sweets, then placed on a miniture mountain made of the selected base (strawberry creme, vanilla creme, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate) and served with any additional toppings requested.

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